What Would You Like To Grow Today?

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy online and in person, I help clients overcome the obstacles that prevent them from realizing their dreams.

Sherris Cottier Shank

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy is a gentle process that starts with you and I discussing how you would like to change and grow. We consider why you want this change and how the problem is currently affecting you. In hypnosis, we work with your subconscious mind to initiate changes in underlying beliefs that may be holding you back. In mindful coaching, you are guided to choose new patterns of thought that support your goal. The combination of hypnosis and mindful coaching allows you to fully integrate new insights, beliefs, and habits so you can take inspired action to create the life you want.

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing hypnotherapy uses the power of your subconscious mind to heal old wounds that fuel your pain, without drugs or medical intervention.

Performance Breakthrough Solution

The Performance Breakthrough Solution, which works beautifully online, is a 3-session process that enables you to reach important goals.

Body Healing & Behavior Change

Regardless of how your body manifests discomfort, or how negative habits and behaviors dominate your life, the power of your subconscious mind can find new paths to relief.

Spiritual Healing

During hypnotic visualizations you experience yourself as a miracle of existence, a divine spark in an expansive universe. The impact of this experience on your subconscious mind enables profound and lasting change.

“My experience with Sherris was life-changing. She helped me to find my parental voice and to see myself as a source of love, strength, light and more. I am so grateful for Sherris’ gentle voice and effective guidance and was amazed that the handful of sessions with her were more effective than the dozens of sessions I’d had with my traditional therapist. Thank you Sherris!”

Cheri B

Birmingham MI

“I had an extremely powerful and moving session with Ms. Shank. With her guidance I was able to connect deeply with important feelings that I was not aware of. Her intuitive understanding of my situation made the experience safe and very meaningful. I have recommended her to several of my close friends.”

Greg M

Northville, MI

“It’s been three weeks since our session and I feel so fantastic. Prior to our session I was worn out emotionally and my hope had faded so greatly that I felt I had really lost my spark. All that has changed! I’m boldly moving forward in the direction of impact and money has again begun to flow. Thank you beyond words! Profoundly grateful, with so much love,”

Madeleine M

Scottsdale AZ