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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hi, my name is Sherris.

I help you transform your obstacles and realize your greatness, so you can live the life you want to live.

Because you are reading this, I suspect you are feeling stuck. There is a problem you’ve been trying to resolve, a feeling you’d like to release, a challenging issue you can’t get around, or a goal you’re trying to reach, yet nothing you do quite seems to work. You’ve tried everything you can think of, and you’re frustrated because you would dearly love to solve your problem, be free of the feeling that haunts you, work around those challenges, or reach your goal.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re Sisyphus from Greek Mythology, doomed to roll a giant boulder up a hill over and over, only to have it roll back down again just as it nears the top.

I understand. I felt that way too, for far too long.

There is an alternative to this exhausting struggle, a healing modality that will get that rock over the crest of the hill, so you never have to deal with it again. It’s called Clinical Hypnotherapy; a dry and – dare I say it? – clinical name, for a rich and expansive process that is as gentle and safe as it is effective. 
Clinical Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis. It is a process that feels like a deep, guided meditation, but offers you so much more benefit. That benefit is the opportunity to identify, release and resolve the emotional burdens that have been holding you back for too long.

How does it do that? It’s deceptively simple really. Hypnotherapy allows you to communicate directly with your subconscious mind so that you can clearly see where your fears and limiting beliefs originated.

Most of what keeps you stuck is rooted in old memories, beliefs or fears stored in your subconscious mind. Over time, some of these old patterns of thought have become outdated, inappropriate and even detrimental to your current life.

Sherris Cottier Shank C.Ht.

Unfortunately, your subconscious mind does not know this! It is still operating under the direction of information that may have been stored in your subconscious before your conscious mind was even fully functional.

In an attempt to keep you safe and free from harm, your subconscious mind continually sends you messages connected to these old patterns and beliefs that sabotage your current life’s most precious goals and desires. No matter what you try, you can’t get around these messages. So that metaphorical rock keeps rolling back down the hill.Clinical Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis, combined with the compassionate mastery of an intuitive therapist and guide, to dislodge the logjams of these old patterns and beliefs. When that happens you free a vast store of energy that your subconscious mind has been using to maintain the status quo; you can use that newly liberated energy to create the new beliefs and patterns of behavior that align with your deepest desires.

You will be surprised and delighted to discover during the course of hypnotherapy that you also have an immense well of inner wisdom just waiting to be tapped. You can communicate directly with your higher self, and receive guidance you didn’t know was possible. There is so much more available to you when you engage your subconscious mind in a focused and collaborative manner. The force that once held you back is now your friend and ally, allowing your entire world to expand exponentially. 

Transformation is a step-by-step process. I don’t have a magic wand that I can wave over you and make all your troubles disappear, and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I did!

To create the life you truly desire, the life your soul is calling you to live, you need to release and resolve the emotional burdens holding you back one-by-one, and then tap your deep well of inner wisdom to guide you forward.  

My practice of hypnotherapy is founded on respect, permission, and patience. Each step builds on the last and is often profound on its own. It will not take years, but it will take several weekly sessions. You are unique, and I will design a course of hypnotherapy specifically for you. It is my heart’s desire that in a few months, you will look back in wonder at how far you have come, and realize you did it all with the help of your own intensely beautiful subconscious mind.

Individual sessions are available, and you can stretch out the process to fit your own pace. In most cases, six to eight weekly or biweekly appointments will produce the change you so sincerely desire and deserve.

It is my honor to guide you on the most fascinating, life-altering journey you will ever take, the journey into your own subconscious mind.

A Personal Note From Sherris

I have always loved the process of transformation. As a client of hypnotherapy, a practitioner of self-hypnosis, and a hypnotherapist who has facilitated many hypnotic therapy sessions, I have seen and experienced the profound and lasting effects of hypnotherapeutic work.

Clarity, empowerment and lasting transformation come from the practice of choosing the guidance of our higher self, our inner wisdom. Hypnotherapy gives us direct access to this wisdom. I am filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to share this gentle healing modality with you, and look forward to your journey of transformation.

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