Body Healing And Behavior Change

Find Comfort In Your Body

Feeling discomfort in your body can severely disrupt the balance of your mind/body/soul connection.

While some pain is useful, a signal that something is wrong, there are types of pain that serve no purpose at all. The good news is, by accessing your subconscious mind you can rewire your physical responses to the cause(s) of your discomfort. Regardless of how your body manifests discomfort, the power of your subconscious mind can be employed to find new paths to relief. Here are a few of the issues that hypnotherapy can help change.

Reduce and manage chronic pain

Reduce and manage acute pain

Manage chronic disorders and overcome physical limitations

Create better outcomes from surgery

Changing Habits and Behavior

For effective habit and behavior change, YOU must want the change and not someone else.

If you are sure you are ready to be done with the problem, and you commit to the hypnotic process of change, you can achieve your goal.

With mindful coaching you establish clear goals and clarify how this change impacts your overall happiness and wellbeing. In hypnosis you release old beliefs and experience a powerful visualization of your life free of the problem.

The truth is, when you change your mind, you change your world.

🗸 Quit smoking                                🗸 Lose Weight

🗸 Sleep Soundly                              🗸 Stop nail biting

🗸 Release screen addiction           🗸 Stay focused

🗸 Create a better body image       🗸 Improve confidence

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing hypnotherapy uses the power of your subconscious mind to heal old wounds that fuel your pain, without drugs or medical intervention.

Performance Breakthrough Solution

The Performance Breakthrough Solution, which works beautifully online, is a 3-session process that enables you to reach important goals.

Session Prices

Single, 1.5-hour session: $350

Package of Three, 1.5-hour sessions: $975

Spiritual Healing

During hypnotic visualizations you experience yourself as a miracle of existence, a divine spark in an expansive universe. The impact of this experience on your subconscious mind enables profound and lasting change.