Performance Breakthrough Solution

What Is The Performance Breakthrough Solution?

The Performance Breakthrough Solution, which works beautifully online, is a 3-session process that enables you to reach important goals.

This process will work for you if you are an intelligent, ambitious person who can’t seem to reach a personal goal, no matter what you try. You know what you want and you’ve tried multiple methods to achieve it, but stubborn, psychological obstacles sabotage every effort.

You may be an athlete, businessperson, professional, speaker, artist, performer, musician, student, or doctor and this process will work for you. If you know what you want this process gives you the transformational tools you need.

How Does The Performance Breakthrough Solution Work?

The Performance Breakthrough Solution is based on mindfulness and reinforced with hypnosis.

Miracles can happen when you train your conscious mind to be fully attentive with mindfulness training, and hypnotically educate your subconscious mind to understand and support your goals. It is the synergy of these two approaches that makes this process effective. The 5 key components that make this process work are tailored specifically for your goals.

“Initially I was a bit skeptical, but after the 3 sessions, I’m 100% on board and think it was incredibly helpful. Would definitely recommend.”

Dr. Arya A.

“Just completed the first of three scheduled sessions. Sherris was personable, yet professional and quickly got down to the business of identifying my needs and creating a personal treatment plan. Her inviting office made me feel safe, comfortable and relaxed and I’m looking forward to my next session.”

Nancy H.

What are the five key components?

  1. Witnessing and mental log keeping.

You learn to observe and track your thoughts without judgment. This is the foundation of your transformation.

  1. Choosing empowering thoughts and developing mental discipline.

You choose new thinking patterns that serve your current goals. With daily practice these patterns build strong neural pathways that facilitate change.

  1. Effective Goal Setting.

You establish goals that are high enough to make you reach, but within your ability to achieve when you are functioning at peak capacity.

  1. Relaxation Techniques

You learn self-hypnosis empowering you to tap the resources of your subconscious mind. Daily practice increases the impact.

  1. Guided Imagery and Visualization

You experience a series of hypnotic visualizations where you enjoy an immersive experience of your success. These visualizations are recorded for lifelong use.

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing hypnotherapy uses the power of your subconscious mind to heal old wounds that fuel your pain, without drugs or medical intervention.

Session Prices

Single, 1.5-hour session: $350

Package of Three, 1.5-hour sessions: $975

Body Healing & Behavior Change

Regardless of how your body manifests discomfort, or how negative habits and behaviors dominate your life, the power of your subconscious mind can find new paths to relief.

Spiritual Healing

During hypnotic visualizations you experience yourself as a miracle of existence, a divine spark in an expansive universe. The impact of this experience on your subconscious mind enables profound and lasting change.