Expand Your Soul Connection – A One-Day Workshop 

A One-Day Workshop
Expand Your Soul Connection
Saturday, March 25
9 AM to 5 PM

Sherris Cottier Shank

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


With the luxurious gift of a whole day to work together, I will guide you in nourishing your spiritual essence so it can connect you directly with Your Infinite Source.

You will experience three all-new hypnosis processes created especially for this event. Step by step, each process will take you deeper and deeper into the Spirit Consciousness that is always within you and all around you.

With discussion and interactive sharing, our combined energy will lift and inspire us to embody more light and vibrate at a higher frequency.

I am limiting this workshop to 6 people who have experienced hypnotherapy to create an environment with the highest potential for individual growth. It will be held in the comfortable conference room on the same floor as my office.

A catered lunch will be provided from a nearby restaurant in the middle of the day to give us more connection time and continue uninterrupted within the safe container we’ve built to hold this mystical experience.

The day will fly by!

There is so much we can do when we come together as a dedicated group of souls seeking to broaden our perspectives, evolve our relationship with The Divine, and support each other.


You will experience a visceral sense of belonging, unlike anything you have ever known. Most people want to stay there and never leave.

This experience of natural belonging is where you come from and where you return to. And you don’t have to sacrifice your connection to that unseen reality that infuses all life just because you’re in a human body.

The simple fact of your humanity means that you were born with gifts to enable this communion, abilities that can be activated when your desire is strong.

If you, like me, have an inner calling urging you to delve deeper and commune directly with your Higher Power, this workshop will give you the tools and experiences to accomplish that.

As the great Jean Houston says, “Access to one’s source of spiritual wisdom is the birthright of every human.” In this age of cultural chaos and divisiveness, there is no better time to tap this wisdom than now.

Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool to evolve your experience with the Divine and develop a practice that supports you daily. When you journey into the subconscious mind as you do in hypnosis, a portal through which you can most easily access the Great Sacred Energy becomes available. Moving through that portal in a state of compassion, empathy, and love allows you to be more open to receiving.


The experience of union with Spirit Consciousness can take many forms, and your experience will be personal and just right for you.

Connecting with your Infinite Source can offer knowledge unobtainable in any other way, profound peace and joy, and options for resolving problems and fears.

But the most significant gift of all is the visceral knowing that you belong, the certainty that you are a manifestation of a larger reality that loves and supports you.

You discover a deep knowing that Sacred Energy has always been moving through you, inviting you to go deeper, imagine more, and give and receive love with your whole being. This knowledge provides a sense of safety deeper than any earth-bound role can provide.

Towards the end of the day, as you digest your experiences, we will talk about ways to sustain and grow this Conscious Connection in your daily life and have a chance to compare how you feel in the present relative to when the day began.


Whether you choose to pay over time, or to make a single payment, the cost is the same.

The cost for the entire experience is $950.

This is roughly equal to 4 regular sessions. However, the impact of doing this work all in one day, supported by the energy of other expanding souls, is far greater than you can imagine.

If you are ready to take a big leap now, you can sign up by clicking on this link to pay.

Your payment secures your spot.

Anticipate a profoundly memorable day of Transformation

Please bring a pillow for back support, a journal for notes, and your open mind and receptive heart.

I am delighted to have you join us!

With full-hearted respect, Sherris.