Calming Guided Meditation
in Birmingham

It’s easy to feel stressed and exhausted in our busy, fast-paced lives. If you seek a respite from stress so you can relax your body and free your mind, a calming guided meditation in Birmingham may be for you.

Hypnotic guided meditation is a state of deep relaxation and concentration. Before I lead you through positive visualizations and uplifting images, I will help you to slowly and systematically relax every muscle in your body from head to toes. Once you’re comfortable, I will guide you into a deep, meditative state to elicit the changes that you want to see in your life.

Expand Your Awareness

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between real events and vividly imagined ones. In a hypnotic visualization  you experience yourself as a conscious miracle of existence, a divine spark in a powerful and expansive universe. This has has the same impact on your subconscious mind as a physical life experience.

Through images, symbols and metaphors, a hypnotic visualization helps you naturally return to your essence and remember your greatness. You understand that limitation is an illusion. 

The results are physical as well as spiritual. As you shift your view of reality  you create new neural pathways in your brain. Every time you think a thought you are building a neural pathway in your brain. When you understand who you really are, your thoughts naturally change, and  the stronger your new neural pathways become opening a whole new dimension of your life.

What Can Guided Meditation Do for You?

Our daily lives have become so hurried and goal-driven that it can be difficult to be here now, in the moment. It’s easy to succumb to the demands that we be actively doing something or getting somewhere at all times. This demand robs us of our power, which is always in this present moment, right now.

Guided meditation for health will help you focus your mind in the present. You’ll find relief from stress and develop a calmer, more accepting outlook on life. You’ll find that you concentrate better on the tasks in front of you and that it’s easier for you to take the time you need.

For those who may be dealing with drinking or smoking problems, guided meditation for adults may curb cravings for alcohol and nicotine.

Let me guide you through a calming guided meditation in Birmingham, MI. I will help you break free from the cultural and self-imposed forces that hold you back, so you can allow your world to expand and create the changes you want to see in your life.