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Find Your North Star

The North Star has long been a symbol of accurate direction and reliable guidance. “Find Your North Star” means finding the life that you know in your heart you were meant to live. This knowledge is within you, and you can access it through a variety of hypnotherapy processes. If you are searching for the path that brings you joy and meaning, for the way that will satisfy the yearning of your soul, clinical hypnotherapy in Birmingham is here to help. Not all avenues of inquiry are right for all people. Other methods can illuminate your path as well. The suggestions listed here will give you an idea of some of the ways we might access the information and inspiration you are seeking, and then help you discover the best way to move forward with the insights that you gain.

  • Communicating With Your Higher Self
  • Spiritual channeling to find your purpose and essence
  • Past Life Soul Regressions
  • Communicating with deceased loved ones
  • Receiving guidance from your Spirit Guides
  • Releasing and resolving the issues that are standing in the way of accessing the information you seek.
  • Envisioning and embracing the abundance you most desire.

Find Peace

Many of us suffer from issues that never go away no matter how we change the circumstances of our lives. They nag us and perplex us and cause constant distress that drains our energy and robs our joy. Hypnotherapy can help you quickly discover the root cause of these issues, and give you the opportunity to release and resolve the trauma surrounding that original experience. Once you have done that, you can collaborate with your subconscious mind through Calming Guided Meditation to find new ways to respond to old triggers. It can also build the confidence you need tocreate new patterns in your life that fully support you. The issues and desires listed below are just a few of the experiences that can rob your life of peace. 

  • Ongoing or Situational Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Lack of courage or resilience
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Grief
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Performance worries around tests, sports, public speaking, or work

Find Comfort In Your Body

Discomfort in your body severely disrupts the mind/body/soul connection.  Your pain and trouble is a signal to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to help rewire your physical responses to the cause(s) of your discomfort. Medical Hypnotherapy in Birmingham can help in many situations by interrupting a habitual reaction so you can create a new pathway for your brain to cope with the same situation. Regardless of how body discomfort manifests for you, the enormous capacity of your subconscious mind can be enlisted to choose a new way forward. Below are just a few of the situations in which hypnotherapy can be helpful.

  • Reduce and manage chronic pain
  • Reduce and manage acute pain
  • Help your brain manage, and your body thrive, with chronic disorders
  • Create better outcomes from surgery
  • Develop new behaviors:
    • Quit smoking
    • Lose weight
    • Stop nail biting
    • Release screen addiction
  • Love, and stick to, a healthy lifestyle
  • Create a better body image

Find Answers

Sometimes our issues manifest as questions. If there is a question haunting you and you would like to find the answer, consider tapping the vast storehouse of information your subconscious mind with Emotional Healing Therapy. I cannot possibly guess what your questions might be, but here are a few you get you thinking.

  • Why do I keep having the same problem?
  • Why can’t I hold on to money?
  • Why can’t I make enough money?
  • Why am I always arguing with my sister in law?
  • Why do I take unnecessary risks?
  • Why can’t I write my book?
  • Why. . .

Clinical hypnotherapy in Birmingham, MI may help you in finding answers to these questions.

Past Life Soul Regressions

Past life regression is a form of Birmingham hypnotherapy that introduces you to the deeper parts of your soul.

There are many reasons to do a past life soul regression, but the most common reason is to answer a question or solve a puzzle that you have not been able to answer or solve in another way. In my own case, a feeling of not being safe haunted me. There was no visible reason for me to have this feeling, but it had been part of my experience as long as I could remember. Through a past life soul regression I was able to find the cause for this feeling, and clearly see that it no longer applied in my life. The feeling disappeared, and has not returned since.

Everyone’s experience with PLSR is different, but it is always profoundly interesting. 

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