I want to introduce you to two of my favorite sages. One has passed and left a body of work for us to study and enjoy. The other is alive, active and producing work that takes my breath away. Both of them have wisdom to impart that directly reflects why I am so passionate about hypnotherapy.

First, here’s a passage from the great John O’Donohue, an Irish poet, author, and philosopher who died in 2008. It’s titled “The Art Of Developing A Beautiful Mind.”
“The world is not simply there. Everything and everyone we see, we view through the lenses of our thoughts. Your mind is where your thoughts arise and form. It is not simply with your eyes but with your mind that you see the world. So much depends on your mind: How you see yourself, who you think you are, how you see others, what you think the meaning of life is, how you see death, belief, God, darkness. Beauty is all determined by the style of mind you have.
Your mind is your greatest treasure. We become so taken up with the world, with having and doing more and more, we come to ignore who we are and forget what we see the world with. The most powerful way to change your life is to change your mind.
When you beautify your mind, you beautify your world. You learn to see differently. In what seemed like dead situations, secret possibilities and invitations begin to open before you. In old suffering that held you long paralyzed, you find new keys. When your mind awakens, your life comes alive and the creative adventure of your soul takes off. Passion and compassion become your new companions.”
©JOHN O’DONOHUE Excerpt from the unpublished collection of John O’Donohue. The title and description John wrote in late 2007 for a public event in 2008.
This exquisite piece encapsulates why hypnotherapy matters to me: to develop a beautiful mind; to “see differently;” and to find new keys in “old suffering that held you long paralyzed.”

I cannot possibly state this more eloquently than John O’Donohue, but it is my deepest desire that we should all live our lives with passion and compassion and experience the creative adventure of our souls taking off.
As John O’Donohue states so succinctly, “The most powerful way to change your life is to change your mind.” This is what hypnotherapy offers us, the opportunity to change both our subconscious and our conscious mind, and to beautify our world.
The other living sage I would like to introduce you to is Clare Dubois, the founder of Treesisters, an international organization with the inspiring goal of starting a reforestation revolution and planting 10 billion trees in 10 years! I donate 10% of all proceeds from Birmingham Clinical Hypnotherapy to Treesisters because I believe so strongly in their work.

Clare expresses her passion beautifully, in this poem titled “The Courage To Shine.”
If you hesitate.
If you long for that wild untamed river
To surge through your cells
And for pleasure to choose itself
Over the temptation of far too safe
Then wake up.
Those insidious fears if swallowed
Will see you bow your head
And dim your light,
When strutting naked
Through the streets of your own desire
Is the path of truth and permission
You long to embody.
If you’re done with the pleasing
Over promising,
Yes’ing instead of no’ing,
Being the thing that works
Instead of the thing that you are,
Then wake up.
You are a miraculous
One of a kind for all of time
This you, this now
This moment of glory
Is waiting for you to turn within
To turn to yourself
And yell YES!
Unchain your power.
Fall into the river of love
That is the current of your own soul.
Why did you think
That there was ever anyone to impress?
That anyone other than yourself
Could conduct the orchestra
Of your own becoming
Or listen for the music encoded
Within the stratosphere of your own cells?
This life is not for begging or pretending,
It is for grabbing,
Like the love affair of ages
Savoured and sung utterly,
So that the very sweetness of existence
Can come to know itself
Fully met,
Fully known,
And fully lived,
As the miraculous
Expression of you.
Used with permission of Clare Dubois, and Treesisters.

“Those insidious fears if swallowed will see you bow your head and dim your light.” But they don’t have to! There is a way to get to the root of your fears and create new understanding.
“This you, this now, this moment of glory is waiting for you to turn within, to turn to yourself, and yell YES!” Devoted work in hypnotherapy can lead to this outcome; the ability to see yourself as never before, to understand yourself as never before, to embrace your whole being as never before.
“Unchain your power. Fall into the river of love that is the current of your own soul.” Doesn’t that sound delicious? The current of your own soul is in the river of love. This is what I long for you to experience.
“The miraculous expression of you” awaits. I would love to assist you on your journey.

For more information on John O’Donohue, please visit: https://www.johnodonohue.com/

For more information on Clare Dubois and Treesisters, please visit: https://www.treesisters.org